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Nov. 11th, 2012

Trying to be a Graceful Sell-Out

Hey howdy internet.

I'm winding down on my second submission for MLR, and it got me thinking that I really need to get on this whole self-promotion thing. With that in mind, I'm revamping the facebook page I made for my pen name (which was actually created to send myself gifts on farmville and chefville), and I'm going to try to make myself write things for a blog on word press.

I don't like self-promoting. I have no idea what I'm doing, but if I want this fiction writing thing to actually work I've got to figure it out.

So anyway, if you want to friend pseudonym me on facebook, I'm Valerie Myers: https://www.facebook.com/valerie.maiers?ref=tn_tnmn and if you want to follow my blog, it's here: http://valeriemyersmightypen.wordpress.com/.

And if anyone has any ideas for what I should be doing, please let me know. When the first story gets published I was thinking in addition to the obvious buy me here link I could do short character bios and things like that, and beg and plead for fan art, but until that point I don't know what to do.

I suppose I could ramble about the writing process...anyway, any pointers or ideas would be much appreciated :)

Oct. 29th, 2012


As I kind of expected, Frankenstorm isn't really doing much to Salem other than making me miss a day's pay. And I really need that, as having my old job at Pyramid back is extremely temporary. Kellie's going to try to cheat me as many hours as she can after Halloween, but it's not something to count on.

Obviously I'm glad the storm's not mercilessly pounding Massachusetts, but the fact that it's been a pretty standard rainy, windy day is really anticlimactic. We didn't even lose power in our apartment. I'm actually sitting in my little closet of a room with the lights off and candles lit to simulate a spookier atmosphere for writing purposes. It's working out so far. I'm taking a little break to goof off, but I've organized the disparate scenes of my latest MLR submission and turned them into a working draft. I've got to write a few in-between scenes, then I can get back to progressing the story. I do have to do a little more research before I can cap it off though, but I'm confident I can get through the needed books in a couple of sittings.

At least Sandy's given me time to write, and provided a certain ambiance for it.

Sep. 4th, 2012

And All These Years Writing Fan Fiction Just Paid Off

So I'm getting a story published.

As in a publisher will actually be paying me royalties. Because people will be paying money for something that I wrote.

I'm still giddy XD

Last month I was talking to one of my writing buddies and we decided to each try our hands at getting published by a romance press. We figured it was an attainable goal, and we both write that stuff as a hobby anyway, so why not go for it? I did a little research, found a gay romance press that I liked, and worked up a submission for them.

And I just got emailed a contract and a press release blurb and some suggested edits. My editor's name is Neil. Because I have an editor now.

Because they're going to publish the first thing I've ever submitted to anything.

Thank you fan fiction! XD

Jun. 21st, 2012

It's Official

I just reserved a truck and booked Sarah's flight back to Boston. It's official, I'm moving to Florida.

Hoo boy am I nervous. I know I'll have a great support system when I get to Florida, but I'm still scared to live this far away from my parents. Even though they haven't always been the most supportive people, they are a safety net and I don't feel bad about having to show up from time to time with my hat in my hands for grocery money. I can't see myself being comfortable doing that with Jenn and her family too many times.

Although to be fair, that's part of what drew me to such a drastic move. I'll have to stand on my own feet a bit better than what I've been doing so far. I'll have to. I'm turning twenty six on Saturday and I don't live all that differently from how I did when I was fifteen. I want to make a fresh start and behave like an independent adult. Moving seems like a good enough excuse for reinventing myself into an actual grown up (who writes academic papers on fictional gay characters and talks to her cats like they're people).

I've been entertaining the thought of changing my name. Not legally or anything, just playing with the idea of going by something other than Judith. Other than Jenn and her family, no one in Florida knows me. I could start over as anything. I could use my middle name instead, though I don't really like Marie that much. I'm most likely going to stick with Judith, as I do like my name, but it's just a fun thought I had.

Oh god am I going to miss my cats :(

Jan. 19th, 2012

Musings of a Liberal D-Bag College Student

How Slavery made my KindleCollapse )

Jan. 3rd, 2012

Big Scary Conference Looms Ever Nearer

Alright, I've shutdown my Farmville Farm, bought some travel size toiletries, put together a powerpoint free presentation because apparently the Orlando Hilton is more ghetto than freaking New Haven Connecticut, put together some responsible-adult-type disguises, and dyed my hair to compliment the disguise.

I'm leaving for the Phi Alpha Theta National conference in the morning, and I have to say, I'm hella nervous all of a sudden. Maybe it's because I finally realized that I absolutely suck at socializing with historians. Yeah, I think that's it. I'm cocky and judgmental and I just have no filter when it comes to my facial expressions. I'm not popular at school (except with professors) and it's because I'm a bitch. And now I'll be mingling with historians for four days. Hoo boy. However, I know it's my problem and not anyone else's, so maybe if I'm careful I can make some good impressions. I'd really like to have a historian-buddy...must not act like the humanities version of Sheldon Cooper, must not act like the humanities version of Sheldon Cooper...

Just need to finish packing and then I should try to get to sleep. Sarah's coming at four in the morning for me. At least I don't have to present until Friday...

Dec. 26th, 2011

The Haul

And now for my traditional recounting of the Christmas Loot:

$565 in cash
$100 gift card (Christmas bonus from work but also a present)
Marvel 70th anniversary collection
Maneki Neko teacup
MLP Friendship is Magic Calender
X-Men First Class movie
The Rabbi Jesus by Bruce Chilton
assorted cookies and baclava
$10 gift card to the Used Book superstore
Signed Batman print by an artist I am unfamiliar with but impressed by nonetheless
Marauder's Map mug/Gryffindor keychain/Slytherin keychain
2 bars of fancy chocolate
new slippers
new PJs
Timeline game
bookmarker pens
meat and cheese (despite 11 years of vegetarianism)

I bought myself a couple of hard copies of some books I got for the Kindle this afternoon with some of the Christmas bonus. I was getting really into Mary Cholmondeley before I had to stop reading for pleasure for this hellish semester, and since the woman hasn't been famous since the early 20th century, the quality of her free e-books kinda suck. I'm hoping the hard copies will have less errors. The woman has the best turns of phrase I've seen in a writer and I'm falling in love with her.

Speaking of school, straight A's. I worked my ass off for those four A's and I am accordingly self satisfied and smug tonight. I'm still a bit annoyed that I'm not graduating until May (feels like I'm a little old to be getting my BA...I want my masters now dammit!), but I am looking forward to next semester. I'll be taking Arabic again, plus Victorian Lit., Civil War and Reconstruction (with Dr. Jay!!!) and something about Geology for my division Q requirement (the fucking class that's keeping me there an extra semester). I'm really excited about Victorian Lit and Civil War and Reconstruction.

Also, heading back to Florida soon for the national Phi Alpha Theta conference. Little nervous. There's no powerpoint and the chair of my panel is a big Mormon historian from Brigham Young University. Seems like an odd choice for a paper on LGBT superheroes. However, the conference is at Disneyworld, it's three days, and I assume we don't have to just sit in the hotel when the papers are done for the day. So there is that.

Oct. 13th, 2011

Conference Day

My first history conference (the Phi Alpha Theta regional conference) is this Saturday and...I kinda turned my hair Princess Ariel red the other night. Okay...so maybe I won't be presenting the dignified scholarly facade I recently envisioned, but I still think it looks nicer than the grody blonde I was left with after the teal faded out.

Anywho...Sarah and Mel are driving me in. Registration is at 9:30 and it's a three hour drive so we're gonna leave hella early. I offered to buy everyone a meal at Denny's before we go, but Mel's not interested so I'm not sure if that's going to happen. I do expect to be providing a lot of coffee either way. I'm presenting in the afternoon panel, which means I have the morning to eat, mingle and listen to other interesting papers. I'm on a sort of WTF where do we put these people panel, which is something I kind of expected considering my topic: LGBT superheroes in the early 90s.

I got another compliment on my presentation at the undergrad research day we had last semester (I gave a presentation of the paper to a small room of history students and professors). Dr. Darien emailed me links to resources for putting together a good paper presentation, but then added that he didn't think I really needed it since my presentation at undergrad research day went so nicely. Dr. Jay referred to me as the star of the panel for that one. So yeah...I'm not nervous, but I am arrogantly excited and hoping that my hubris doesn't somehow get me in trouble.

Alright, better keep working on school stuffs so I don't have that hanging over my head during the conference.

Oct. 8th, 2011

Oh Tourist Season

Yesterday I decided to wear my fairy wings to work. An early October Friday is ideal for that kind of costume, since costumes aren't completely WTF at that point, but it still isn't so crowded that the wings are a problem. I also gothed up the rest of my outfit and did some elaborate purple make up. The end result was pretty cool; I looked kinda like one of those Amy Brown fairy divas.

Anyway, while I was biking to school (quick meeting with Gubbins before work) I passed down Lafayette street just like normal, and when I got to this little section of shops this guy tried to wave me over, and then he made the sign of the cross over me. He freaking blessed me because I was wearing a gothed out fairy costume (he was also standing outside the shop that sells Christian statuary). As Jackie pointed out, if a college kid in a cute purple fairy costume provoked him into doing a blessing, he's going to have an anyeurism in the weeks to come.

So while I was at school a girl came over to me and asked if I always dressed that way or if it was for Halloween. (I like to think that if someone regularly wore big glittery wings on campus someone would have mentioned it by now). I told her the truth, that normally I dress somewhat this way, but since I work downtown I play it up this time of year for the tourists. She scoffed and got all haughty and said something equivalent to "I dress this way every day of the year because this is me." To be fair, that WAS me in highschool...What made it really funny was that she was wearing sweats, a bandana, big gold hoops...and purple lipstick. So yeah, she dresses Ren-faire style EVERY day...

Today I've got to wear the store shirt (believe in peace spelled out with a cross, transgender symbol, Islamic crescent and an om), but beyond that I can go as costume-y as I like. It'll be too busy for the fairy wings, but I've got spider web tights, a whole bunch of Halloween earrings I grabbed on clearance last year, and six open holes in my ears. I love that I get to dress up for work for an entire month and it in essence makes me a better employee.

Sep. 26th, 2011


I just watched that video, and it reduced me to incomprehensible sobs. I've been really worried about my little cousin pretty much since he came out this summer and his parents turned it from a "yay for discovering/accepting an important part of your identity!" to a "don't tell anyone or you'll get killed in a hatecrime" moment. I just keep thinking that if it's really that bad in Florida, maybe they should move. I know they've got financial security there, but I'd rather see them struggle a bit with money and maybe not have giant TVs, a brand new car, a pool, I-pads and whatnot and just know that Jesse's safer and can be who he is without shame. I really don't want him to introvert and get suicidal...

And now I'm crying again.

(PS GREs went well)

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